The Recent Inactivity

I know I usually post daily, but like Notch is with his blog, I'm being rather uninspired lately and haven't found much time to blog. To help that, I will post some of my building techniques and ideas

of which I PROMISE will occur on Sunday.


It's been a while...

Why hello there thin air! I am indeed breathing and haven't forgot about you completely while playing Minecraft! I've only forgot about you partially! Oh, and it's my birthday!

Anyway, 1.5_01 is out and my greenhouse is being naturally watered despite the fact it has a ceiling.

Should've thought twice before coding rain to fall through transparency eh, Notch?



This is a mod that modifies the chunk generation coding to run more efficiently, it ups the fps quite well if you have a slower computer.

I couldn't find the link, but Google can, ask him.


Minecraft for iOS?!

It's been confirmed to happen sometime after the game's release. It'll be a little different of course, but thanks to the iPhone's SSD memory it'll be able to run.

A Few Mods I Find Tolerable

SDK's Gun Mod- COMPLETE in balance of field here, but still cool if you're a gun buff like me.

Planes v2- Very cool way to explore a world quickly, can be a little laggy on slower machines due to chunk generation and the planes are a little hard to control in terms of altitude.

Poke'ball- Very cool, balanced, compatible with most other mods, love it. I CHOOSE YOU, CREEPER!

HumanPlus- My favorite, adds a whole new level of life to Minecraft. They talk, walk and stalk. I find myself building stuff to impress the AI.

"Feel my blade, Creeper!"