What I do.

I realized I should probably show a few more examples of my building procedures.

I'll do that sometime in the future.

I'm just too lazy to post pictures at the moment.


Minecraft for Hours Straight

Most of us tknow that after playing Minecraft for several hours at a time, things appear as blocks at a first glance in real life. Well, I've also found that you can also instinctivly punch someone in the face if they tend to carry their 'S'.


I've finally found slimes. Mean little buggers, they can be very deceiving. One minute you're like: "Aw, what a cute little square of Jello!" Next minute is like: "Ah! Why is he trying to eat me alive?!"

I've always wanted a pet slime, but apparently this time none of the more docile ones spawned... crap.


The Overrated 404 Challenge

I went and tried out the famous 404 Challenge. The game was set to 'Hard' and I followed all the forum's rules, no torches, spelunking only, the whole nine yards.

I had three chunks of the cave under my control within five minutes. The only challenge I saw was evading the Creeper waiting for me at the end of the chute. I'm gonna try it again sometime soon, but instead I'll jump into the gravel upon the world's birth. Meaning I'll have nothing but the pixels on my back.

Notch have mercy...

TNT Cannons


With the new redstone repeaters you can make TNT cannons automatic by putting four repeaters together to obtain a delay for the projectile TNT. (For you slower people, this does not mean FULLY automatic, it just removes the need for two switches.)