Ripping off the Dev's Tumblr.

Notch likes these quite a bit, which means you automatically will too.



Notch also has a booth at GDC. If you go, make sure you have a blue shirt, so you can have this:

A Poem in Three Minutes

Looking up,

I see the sun go down.

And Rana, with her apples,

rises through the dark.

Zombies, Creepers, and skeletons alike

spawn in the night

to give quite a fright.

I stay in my home.

My sword in my hand.

I focus and listen,

I hear the spiders land.

Then, seven minutes later,

the mobs begin to burn.

The sun rises once more.

I know it's time again,

to mine some more ore.



I feel no matter what difficulty I play on, MineCraft is just too easy. I want an extreme difficulty, one where hostile mobs move around in packs and in greater numbers. Anyone can go outside, plant a farm, and maybe kill one skeleton. Once you get advanced to where you have a compound lit, the outside is little threat. I want a real challenge. A challenge like the Nether has, near impossible.


The Shaft

Hey guys, I'm currently listening to a podcast for MineCraft right now. It's called 'The Shaft' and is quite hilarious. Look them up on iTunes. They're part of the Dead Workers Party, so you can take my word it's great.