I'm sure plenty of you know this by now, but for those who don't: Notch is currently taking a break to celebrate his mother's birthday (she's turning 60!) Wish Notch 50 more years with the woman who birthed our saviour from the infinite norm of gaming.

And try not to get too pissed that newest update will be a little longer. ;D

...Coo' of the Week

We now know... The chicken came before the egg. Now, did the skeleton come first or was it the zombie?



So, I've been thinking. What if placing wheat in the crafting square would make flour, which would be used instead to craft bread and cake. I don't see any difference in balance here, and it make more sense plus possibly some more possibilities of additions in the future. I don't know, just a thought.

Oh, and I may add something to the site that may make all readers piss their pants after playing MineCraft thirty-six hours straight.


Flying Mobs?

According to minepedia.net, one of Mojang's employees has confirmed eagles that can be ridden will be added in later March. Now don't get your hopes up kids, I haven't found any other evidence, so this site may or not be legit. I'm still looking into it.

Now, birds are apparently going to be added. They'll fly in flocks and maybe occasionally land, so stock up on ammo.

A New Purpose

Well, it didn't work out. Having to pause to type every new day really hurts the fun of MineCraft for me. As a result, this blog is getting a new purpose. From now on, the site is going to be dedicated to making journals a part of the MineCraft subculture, and a site that revolves around the subculture.


Day 3

Emerging from the depths, I took a long gulp of the crisp morning air. I had a few blocks of planks leftover from some tool crafting, I figured they could contribute to my home. I placed some dirt below me, got onto the edge  of the wall, and found this.

That's a hell of an introduction. I began playing cat and mouse with him. I'd move a few blocks over, and he'd try to follow by jumping. Just before the bugger could start ticking, I'd smack him in the face. When he worked up the nerve to try again, he'd get smacked once more. This process repeated about twenty times before the dried leaf pile rolled over and died. I added the wood, and began to ponder what to do next.

Oh, there's a branching tree I was working on harvesting, I'll go take it down. As I climbed over a small hill to get to it, I noticed something...

Reeds! Uh, I mean Sugarcane! I gathered up the crop, took down the big tree, and a few others before night set. Heading back, I heard a mob. But not just any mob, a zombie. I swung around, drawing my sword. I looked left, right, up, any other direction. But there was nothing here. Just a pile of sand.

This could only mean one of two things, there's a dungeon beneath my feet, or a cavern. I'll be sure to check it out in the future.

Once I got back to the house, I began laying some more wood. Once darkness had completely fallen, I had the framework done. Anyone here see what I'm doing? Once I got that done, I descended into the mine.

(To be continued in a later post, most likely the next)


Day 2

Well, I'm halfway finished with my house. Found some coal, made some primitive tools, started a shaft. Looks like things are gonna get better from here, as long as no more pigs jump into that pit of lava, as you can see I'm pretty low on hearts.

I also took a few screenshots I couldn't get for Day 1.

Another Mountain

Day 1

Well, technically this is day 2, but I figured most of you know the typical routine of the first day. Sadly, my avoidance of work has backfired, because my first day wasn't typical. The first thing I'd like to point out is that this world is loaded. I spawned smack in the middle of a valley. After taking a quick look around, I found a natural waterfall, a pit of lava, pumpkins, and some of the most extraordinary mountains MineCraft has ever built for me.


This issue I ran into was that I spent too much time being in awe of the newborn map and taking screenshots for you guys. As a result, I'm spending the first night in a hole by my unfinished shelter. Thanks a lot.

E: There's nothing worse than sitting in a hole slightly larger than your body listening to giant man-eating spiders beat each other to death above you.

Testing... Testing...

Okay, I'm going to see if this will work. A few weeks ago I tried to start a MineCraft journal. I started recording play time by days and such, pausing the game every new day to record the events that took place. The issue I found was that I get too into the game, thus several days pass without notice. I believe journals should without a doubt be a part of the MineCraft subculture. So, I'm going to back up my old worlds and start fresh. Maybe this time I'll be dedicated enough.