I hate the beds. Completely. They remove the entire concept of surviving through the night, thus making the game even MORE easy. It's terrible, I don't want to put some wool and planks together, and skip exactly what adds the ultimate challenge to Minecraft. I can't believe Notch would actually consider adding this.


1.3 Update!

I'm unable to play at the moment, but let this vid do the talking:


Just tolerate his lag.


A Day Later

Minecraft.net is experiencing some downtime at the moment, but Notch just uploaded the new launcher! Epic timing right! (This means he's back from his vacation for all of those slower miners)

In other news, Notch has confirmed diodes, repeaters, wooden half blocks, and beds will be in the next update. 2 Player Productions wants to do a documentary about Mojang as well.

E: Site's back up, downloading the launcher.


Fireball Fishing


The player states this is a glitch, but the grappling hook, Ghast spawner, and cross hairs say otherwise.

There, you have your post. I'm gonna finish my Rice Krispies.