Day 1

Well, technically this is day 2, but I figured most of you know the typical routine of the first day. Sadly, my avoidance of work has backfired, because my first day wasn't typical. The first thing I'd like to point out is that this world is loaded. I spawned smack in the middle of a valley. After taking a quick look around, I found a natural waterfall, a pit of lava, pumpkins, and some of the most extraordinary mountains MineCraft has ever built for me.


This issue I ran into was that I spent too much time being in awe of the newborn map and taking screenshots for you guys. As a result, I'm spending the first night in a hole by my unfinished shelter. Thanks a lot.

E: There's nothing worse than sitting in a hole slightly larger than your body listening to giant man-eating spiders beat each other to death above you.

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