Day 3

Emerging from the depths, I took a long gulp of the crisp morning air. I had a few blocks of planks leftover from some tool crafting, I figured they could contribute to my home. I placed some dirt below me, got onto the edge  of the wall, and found this.

That's a hell of an introduction. I began playing cat and mouse with him. I'd move a few blocks over, and he'd try to follow by jumping. Just before the bugger could start ticking, I'd smack him in the face. When he worked up the nerve to try again, he'd get smacked once more. This process repeated about twenty times before the dried leaf pile rolled over and died. I added the wood, and began to ponder what to do next.

Oh, there's a branching tree I was working on harvesting, I'll go take it down. As I climbed over a small hill to get to it, I noticed something...

Reeds! Uh, I mean Sugarcane! I gathered up the crop, took down the big tree, and a few others before night set. Heading back, I heard a mob. But not just any mob, a zombie. I swung around, drawing my sword. I looked left, right, up, any other direction. But there was nothing here. Just a pile of sand.

This could only mean one of two things, there's a dungeon beneath my feet, or a cavern. I'll be sure to check it out in the future.

Once I got back to the house, I began laying some more wood. Once darkness had completely fallen, I had the framework done. Anyone here see what I'm doing? Once I got that done, I descended into the mine.

(To be continued in a later post, most likely the next)

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